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Alka Kamat

Hi I am Alka Kamat. I am a Freshman at University of Rochester with focus on Biology & Chemistry. I love Basketball & Swimming.  A compassionate person, I am a  budding social entrepreneur. 


Academics:  (Click on Academics for more details)

2019 August-Currnet:

University:      University of Rocester, NY, USA

Rigor:                4 yr BS Degree 

Focus:              Microbiology + Chemistry, ASL Cluster

Scholarship:  Rush Rhee Scholarship, Dean's List (1st Sem)

2017-2019: International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP)

School:  Indus International School, Pune, India. 

Rigor:     IB DP. 

                  Highest offered by School & IB.

                  3 High Level Courses (Biology, Chemistry, Psychology) 

GPA:       Predicted IB Score:Core 36/42, Overall 38/45.

Rank:     School does not rank.

Top %:  7%

2015-2017: International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP)

School:  Mercedes-Benz International School, Pune, India. 

Rigor:     IB MYP. 

                  Highest offered by School & IB.


GPA:       IB Score:Core 33/42

Rank:     School did not rank.

Top %:  10

Standardized Test Scores: 

Predicted IB Scores: Psychology 7/7, Biology 6/7, Chemistry 6/7, Math 6/7

Citizenship: USA (Born in Allentown, Pa, USA in December 2000)

Residence: Pune, India (Moved in November 2003, with my family)

Extra Curricular Activities: Papers, Presentations & Projects

(1) Invited Panelist on the Panel Discussion, "Digital Revolution in Healthcare - The Way Forward" IMA National Telemedicine Day, Army Referral & Research Hospital, March 24, 2018. (My co-founder, Uma sat in panel)  AgendaSlides.

(2) International TeleMediCon 2017 (November 2017): Joint Paper Presented at the Conference- "A Social Media Site/App for Lightening Distribution of Medical Information to Masses." Authors: Uma Kamat, Alka Kamat & Dr B S Ratta. Presentation, Abstract, Author Biography

(3) Monash STEM Challenge 2017 (April 2018): Entry - Integrated Air Tower Filters To Make State of Maharashtra Air Pollution FreeYouTube Link

(4) Personal Project (MYP5): "Body Image - More Love, Less Evil."  We think that our body images come from product marketers. My research found that it is really the evolutionary biology or survival instinct, that drives our need to be seen as beautiful. Here is the web link for the project.

Personal Statement: I love human biology and want to become a researcher. Here is why?

Talents/Abilities:  Sport: 

(1) International School MYP National Basketball Championship (2015-16) & Runners-up (2016-17).  Reference


(2) State Basketball Championship Under 17 (2013-14) Certificates

Volunteer Experience:  

Snehalaya, Pune ( August -December 2016)

Snehalaya is a project undertaken by the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales of Pune, exclusively for the Welfare and Rehabilitation of Children with Cerebral Palsy and multiple Disabilities. While teaching Biology to few of the kids, I started appreciating my interest in human biology. I wrote the final exam for Onkar, who could not write legible.  This five month experience helped me appreciate the lust for life, we humans have!

Santulan, Pune (August 2015 -April 2016)

Santulan is a non-government organization (NGO) in Pune, helping the marginalized kids of the stone quarry workers. In Grade 9, I took the opportunity to tutor few children in Math, English & Basketball. Most children were in Grade 4th and 5th. I also helped them with exam paper writing skills. I learnt from  these marginalized kids how to appreciate my life and to live in the moment.  No wonder, I used to look forward to Saturday mornings due to the simplicity of those few hours. 

Work Experience:

(1) The Indian Red Cross Society, Pune Branch, July 2018: Student Intern in Thalassemia ward.

As Student Intern in Thalassemia Ward, I learnt about the Thalassemia disease - its symptom, prevention and genetics. For my IB extended essay, I collected and analyzed the patient data to link the consanguineous (inter-family) marriages in family tree to beta thalassemia major occurrence.  Internship Report

(2) Social Entrepreneurship: In Summer 2017, I co-founded with my sister, Uma Kamat.  This website provides quick reference, illustrative and easy to read MEDcards (digital images) for Disease Symptoms, Prevention & General Information, in multiple Indian Languages. In 2018, we will cover 15 most common Indian diseases, in 10 most spoken Indian languages. In 2019, we will focus on Africa and Asia.  eSymptoms Link


(1) International TeleMediCon 2017 (Nov. 2017): Best Student Social Responsibility Paper Award. Award Link

(2) International School MYP National Basketball Championship (2015-16) & Runners-up (2016-17).  Reference

(3) State Basketball Championship Under 17 (2013-14) Certificates

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