We are hiring (unpaid interns) !!!

Hey guys! After the feedback from the Telemedicon, and school presentation, we realized we need help. A feedback we received was how could we make the medcards ubiquitous and accelerate the timeline. Another feedback was about when we would finish with the 20 most prevalent diseases in the 20 most spoken languages. So clearly, we need people who can help us translate the existing MEDcards into other Indian languages such as: Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, & Urdu (to name a few) If any of these are your mother tongue, or second language, let's work together :) We also think we can do a better job with the graphics so if anyone is interested in digital graphics, and learning on job

Telemedicon 2017- Best Student Social Responsibility Awards

Today was the last day of Telemedicon 2017. All the teams had gathered for Valedictory Ceremony, in a big conference hall aptly called - Majestic Hall. The ceremony was for the awards being given out to the various best papers presented during the conference. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that our paper won the “Best Student Social Responsibility Application”. The conference organization committee was really impressed that ours was the only student initiated project which can help so many people in so many different ways. They mentioned the research we carried using CDC NIH and WHO websites for disease symptoms. We are really thankful for this award and also to the people who hav

Telemedicon 2017 - An Amazing Experience

Hey guys guess what? Today was our Telemedicon presentation which overall went really well. Although Uma and I were nervous at beginning as this was a grown-up scientific community we were addressing. We were able to manage ourselves very well, and were able to present eSymptoms smoothly. Although I did stammer a bit while presenting, as I got a bit nervous, I was able to get myself back on track, and just be more confident. Uma presented confidently, and she barely had any slip-ups. Her passion to take eSymptoms further really showed off. At the end of the presentation, the audience and judges asked a few questions, such as how we plan to take it further, and how we plan to improve on our M

Our First Presentation at Our School

Today Alka and I gave our first eSymptoms presentation at our Indus International School. Our DP Head Mrs Naaz Kirmani had suggested that we give such presentation. Our CAS DP Coordinator Mrs Anupama Dhoori arranged for this presentation to DP 1 (11th Standard). It was a quick 5 minute presentation but we still got really good feedback. We have a few people excited about our project. They are willing to contribute and help take out project further. That is exciting to see more people believe in this idea. Here are some of our photos from the session:

Almost ready for TeleMediCon 2017

Just finished the Marathi Medcards for Symptoms of our mosquito vector diseases. With this we now completely cover Zika, Dengue, Malaria and Chickungunya. What seems to be a small work, takes more than few hours because first translation needs to be done using google english-to-marathi translation, then check with a marathi expert (my dad), even he checks with other online translators like Shabdkosh ( to get easiest words that can be understood. Then changes then have to made using a english-marathi converter ( as this may include adding new words, changing tenses, taking away some alphabets and adding new.. the list goes on. Thanks to htt