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Consumers of Social Media to Producers of MedCards...

Uma came back from meeting with Dr Ratta very excited about the idea of MedCards. For good reasons. The story of MedCards goes like this. Being summer vacation, Uma and I were spending a tad bit more time on social media and Dad kind of challenged us. He said, you shouldn't be just the consumer of social media but we should be also be producer of it. So Uma and I started thinking how and where could we use social media. Uma had shared Zika project brochures with marathi and hindi speaking school staff and their reaction was very positive. It showed how critical medical information can be shared and made interesting by adding simple sketches and small bullet points, instead of long paragraphs.

So we started thinking can we create brochures on other diseases? I knew that pdf brochures are not really social media. Social media elements are text, images and small videos. Could we convert the brochures into images or cards? Between two of us, Uma is the artist and I am the IT expert (okey, I know how to use to make a site). Both of us love biology and want to study biology and psychology. So I joined the team.

Uma thought these cards could be specific to one or other aspects of disease such as Symptoms or Prevention. And there could be few cards per disease, so we don't lose the attention of reader. May be a third card for general information about the disease. Now we had something that could be easily shared on the social media. So this is how we became producers of MedCards!

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