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In the beginning...

While travelling through Florida in June 2015, we heard about possible Zika outbreak in Florida. I quickly googled information on Zika. CDC and WHO sites were clear authority in their information. But it was difficult to read for me.

So in my Grade X project, I created a Zika brochure for India with translation in Hindi and Marathi, along with more illustrative and easy to understand language.

I had shown the brochure to Dr Ratta, who has been our family doctor and of course a very well known telemedicine leader globally. He was were very supportive and appreciative of these efforts. He particularly saw the potential to reach out common person with this essential medical information. Coming from a global telemedicine expert, that was very encouraging!!

But now, i am thinking something even better and possibly bigger. I wanted to present it to Dr Ratta and get his feedback.

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