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Almost ready for TeleMediCon 2017

Just finished the Marathi Medcards for Symptoms of our mosquito vector diseases. With this we now completely cover Zika, Dengue, Malaria and Chickungunya.

What seems to be a small work, takes more than few hours because first translation needs to be done using google english-to-marathi translation, then check with a marathi expert (my dad), even he checks with other online translators like Shabdkosh ( to get easiest words that can be understood.

Then changes then have to made using a english-marathi converter ( as this may include adding new words, changing tenses, taking away some alphabets and adding new.. the list goes on. Thanks to!! )

I am becoming a marathi mulgi and proud of it (मला अभिमान आहे कि मी मराठी मुलगी बनते आहे.)!

Those who know marathi will appreciate from above translation how english-to-marathi translation is still not API driven as cultural part of language can not be ignored while translating.

Here are the final Medcards for mosquito vector diseases.

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