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eSymptoms Team is invited to the National TeleMedicine Day in Delhi !!!

So we got the news, we were secretly hoping for - National Recognition. See, we think that national recognition will be useful for national exposure. And national exposure will be instrumental in reaching out to our core audience - namely rural Bharat (India). So we are focussing on progress on covering more diseases. Also, we discuss our work with different people. Our experience is that we get good feedback that we can readily use and also the word gets spread about eSymptoms.

Coming back to the topic at the hand, eSymptoms is chosen to be a part of the panel discussion on "Digital Revolution in Healthcare - The Way Forward". It is the part of Scientific Program of the National Telemedicine Day celebration on this 24th March, in New Delhi. It is arranged by Indian Telemedicine Association of India, & ISRO at Army Research & Referral Hospital, New Delhi. Its kind of a big thing, as it will reach out to 275,000 members of AMA through video streaming.

As Uma and I were to give exams until Friday 23rd evening in Pune and program is to be in Delhi in 24th morning, our dad had graciously agreed to attend it on our behalf. We are hoping we can still make it. So I am practicing it, while having exams all around me, this week. So back to studies.

Here are the details:

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