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Our Goal

eSymptoms is our attempt to make life-saving medical information -
  • easily accessible to everyone, anywhere,
  • in a such format that anyone can easily understand,
  • through multiple forms of digital social media!
SARS Virus
Mosquito Vector
Animal Carrier
Common Indian Diseases



Hand Hygiene

Social Hygiene



This website is a side-reaction of a Grade X student project. Its current avatar is devised by two Grade XI students (Uma Kamat & Alka Kamat). The medical information is validated by a well known doctor (Dr B S Ratta). We are based in Pune, India.   


Our aim is to make symptoms of common diseases that affect large populations, available to all through social media! 


Given so many medical information sites, the question is why another site?


We agree that the sites such as CDC and WHO are best authorities on the subject matter. However, we feel that many of these are geared somewhat for medical professionals, and a just tad bit difficult to digest for common person.


Thus, we came up with MedCards. MedCards are quick references for a disease that provide symptoms, prevention and general information. These cards are png images that can be easily shared on the various social media apps and thus, have ability to reach masses in literally few minutes to anyone with an internet connection.

Finally, this information is meant to serve as a quick reference and in no way substitute for professional medical advice. So please make sure to consult your doctor for appropriate treatment. And for that reason we have provided prevention information, but not any treatment information.

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