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As an Asian Indian girl growing in India, I am expected to get a MD, PhD or MBA. Worst, as an IB student I did pretty well in math and sciences. But finally my american roots made me follow my passion for studio art by my junior year. 

So here are my recent work pieces! I have three collections: Relationships, Nature's Treasures & Spirituality.


Relationships: I started my paintings with this collection and is about my attempt to capture human relationships and with surroundings.

Nature's Treasures: This collection is my attempts to use different art techniques and mediums to recreate nature's beauty around me.

Spirituality: Our spiritual relationship with the Universe. Influence of my Hindu upbringing.  



Title: "Forged"


Medium: Oil on canvas

Type: Abstract Realism

Inspiration: As I soon-to-be adult, I appreciate how the very first relationship in our life is forged forever in our brain!

Size: 36" x 24"


Title: "Frozen"

Collection: Relationships


Type: Installation

Medium: Actual pieces sprayed in acrylic. 


Inspiration: Our childhood memories are frozen in time-space continuum.

Size: 20" x  17"


Title: "Caged"

Collection: Relationships

Medium: Installation

Type: Realism + Surrealism


Inspiration: Human toxic relationships - just when you reach out of deep blue sea of toxicity, you find your hands are chained in a cage! So get out before it turns #MeToo. 

Size: 12" x 12" x 18"


Title: "Buddha Therapy"

Collection: Relationships

Medium: Charcoal & Graphite on Paper

Type: Self-portrait

Size: 15" x 9"

Inspiration: Buddha is my American Eskimo puppy. Only black and white can truly capture the therapeutic benefit I so generously receive from this relationship. And my portrait would be incomplete without him.


Title: "Hiding"


Collection: Relationships


Medium:Watercolors on Paper


Type: Painting


Inspiration: Pain of a LGBT friend

Size: 15" x 9"


Title: "Golden Girls"

Collection: Relationships


Type: Collage

Medium: Mixed Media

Inspiration: Gustav Klimt & sexual slavery.  

Size: 36" x 24"


Title: "Dead Man Smoking"

Collection: Relationships

Medium: Fumage (Candle soot on a granite tile, sketch with a toothpick sharp point)

Type: Interactive with audience lighting the cigarret.

Inspiration: Addictions are injurious to human health.

Size: 9" x 9"


Title: "pinEYEapple"

Collection: Relationship

Medium: Oil on Canvas


Type: Surrealism

Inspiration: In southeast Asia, surrounding the rice paddies, are pineapple groves. Their eyes are considered to look after the crop! 

Size: 15" x 12"


Title: "Yin-yang Kois"

Collection: Nature's Treasures


Type: Bubble Paining

Medium: Soft pastel on Soap bubble on imperial Cartridge Sheet.


Inspiration: Koi pond.

Size: 24" x 18"


Title: "Under the Sea"

Collection: Nature's Treasures


Type: Sgraffito

Medium: Poster paint on oil pastel on imperial cartridge sheet. Toothpick for drawing.


Inspiration: Snorkeling near Goa

Size: 24" x 18"


Title: "White Birches"

Collection: Nature's Treasures

Type: Knife painting 

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas. 

Inspiration: Night walks in my grandparent's farms with a lantern. 

Size: 36" x 18"


Title: "Rocky Beach"

Collection: Nature's Treasures

Type: Painting

Medium: Watercolors

Inspiration: Morning walk by the beach in a village in Goa.

Size: 15" x 9"


Title: "The Cosmos"

Collection: Spirituality

Type: Vedic Art 

Medium: Acrylic poured on a canvas.

Inspiration: The vedic legend of the Lord Shiva's Third Eye.

Size: 24" Circular Canvas


Title: "Infinity"

Collection: Nature's Treasures

Type: Vedic Art

Medium: Acrylic Pouring on Canvas

Inspiration: Infinite nature of cosmos captured through circular canvas. 

Size: 24" Circular

Following are my graphic designs for our social entrepreneurship project   




Collection: Easy-to-understand, mobile disease prevention education in native languages.

Type: Website design, Logo design, MedCard design,

Medium: Digital Image

Software: Photoshop

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