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eSymptoms at Red Cross

Today I got the honour to present eSymptoms to the Indian Red Cross Center in Pune. Since it is a delayed celebration Thalassemia Day today, we got the opportunity to present eSymptoms to an audience of 50 families, patients, well known doctors and Red Cross Officials. I’ve been visiting Red Cross on this day for the past few years. Typically Red Cross celebrates today with Thalassemic kids and their families, presenting them with tons of food, and fun activities to take part in.

The objective of my presentation was to create awareness about the mosquito vector diseases given the monsoon weather.

While presenting to families is easier, presenting to well known doctors is a bit nerve wracking. But once I started, everything was sailing smoothly. The result is in the video below -

I definitely enjoyed presenting to such an heterogeneous audience of kids, parents and doctors. The interesting thing was the number of questions and the request for help to demonstrate it on their mobile phone. This really made us appreciate the work we were putting it, and I’d like to thank Red Cross for giving us the opportunity to present eSymptoms.

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