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Protect While Protest

Protect While Protest for #BlackLivesMatter

The year 2020 is turning out to be a challenging one. While CoViD19 is bringing the economic world to its knees, the Black Lives Matter is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Coronavirus spreads through cough and sneeze droplets that enters through individual’s mouth, nose or eyes. Quarantine helps to reduce infection rate by preventing contact. Older people and those with preexisting morbidities are especially susceptible to the virus.

The Black Lives Matter protesters are rightfully in the streets peacefully protesting #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd who was brutally murdered in police custody. The protests are necessary, and so is staying protected from CoViD-19. It will literally save lives.

Listed below are measures one should take if they do choose to go protest -

  1. Wear a mask and face shield: This helps prevent droplets from entering your nose, mouth and eyes. It also prevents your droplets from entering others.

  2. Wear gloves or sanitize hands: While out and about one tends to touch numerous surfaces. It is important to continuously sanitize your hands, or wear gloves. Keep in mind that if you do wear gloves, do not touch your phone, or your purse, as then you are cross contaminating surfaces you regularly use. So, keeping aware will help rather than hurt.

  3. Wear long sleeved clothing: This can help prevent droplets from coming in contact with your skin. The virus cannot pass through the skin, however can reduce your skin from coming in contact with regularly used items of yours.

  4. Keep distance: CDC and WHO both encourage keeping a 6ft or 2m distance from people. Protests can get extremely crowded, so try

your best.

We at eSymptoms have made an illustration video that you can share with your friends and families about “Protect While Protest”. eSymptoms supports Black people and other POCs, and encourages people of all races to stand up for #BlackLivesMatter and #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd.

Stay safe, stay woke!

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