New Logo for eSymptoms

As a visual art student, I was looking to create a logo for eSymptoms. I think a logo provides a visual identity for an effort or a company.

eSymptoms is an digital internet portal for medical information on disease symptoms. Our Quick reference MEDcards provide information on Disease Symptoms, Prevention & General Information, in multiple Indian Languages.

To convey this, for e in eSymptoms, I chose used the blue color commonly used for internet or digital portals. Also using italics for 'e', I was looking to separate it from Symptoms. Since the medical "+" sign is always shown in blood red color, I chose same for Symptoms.

The "y" in symptoms has the same looks like a medical instrument used by doctors in checking patients - called "stethoscope". Thus, I incorporated it into the logo. I chose a black color for it, as the typical steel or shiny white color will not provide the get up.

Finally, given that this is an internet portal, I used the globe for O.

The final result, after a number of iterations, is presented to you below.

Also, the website will use this logo in its every page. Please let me know your feedback.

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