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Medcards are invented...

Today, Dad and I met with Dr Ratta with my new idea of MedCards. Basically MedCards will be three cards for each diseases, with focus on key General Information, Symptoms and Prevention of that disease. Idea was that these cards will be for all diseases that affect most of population and it would be illustrative. Keeping with objective of reaching out to common person who has a mobile, it would be offered in multiple languages. Also, to easily share on social media, these will be images. A website will serve as a storage of latest cards. I had made a prototype to show him.

I had prepared few prototype of these MedCards, which are attached.

Dr Ratta really liked the idea and suggested that we should focus on the diseases spread by mosquito vector (carrier) at first, since we started with Zika anyway - zika, dengue, chikungunya and malaria . He was kind to offer to be the mentor of the project. Wow, a telemedicine international expert to mentor this project of our.

Very excited.

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