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Abstract for Telemedicon 2017

Today we submitted an abstract for Telemedicon 2017, with Dr Ratta's suggestion.

What we like is an opportunity for presenting our work while it is in prototype stage to almost a scientific community and get the feedback as move to final product.

We want to complete mosquito vector for Marathi and Hindi.

The abstract submitted is as follow:

Competition Paper Submission: Best Social Responsibility App

eSymptoms: A Social Media site for lightening Distribution of Medical Information to Masses

Authors: Uma Kamat, Alka Kamat (Indus International School, Pune) & Dr B. S. Ratta (Rubi Hall Clinic, Pune)

Abstract: eSymptoms is a website/app for masses to get easily understandable information about diseases. The initial focus is on diseases that affect large part of population such as Dengu.

Many medical information sites such as CDC and WHO are authoritative sources. However, they seem to be geared to educated professionals and not to a family in a village.

To resolve this challenge, eSymptoms provides 3 quick MedCards™ for every disease. These cards illustrate symptoms, prevention and general information for that disease. Currently, we offer English, Hindi & Marathi cards. We will be soon offering these cards in more than 10+ languages by June 2018.

Another challenge is to reach out with the information to large populations, rapidly. Recently, social media has demonstrated its ability to reach masses even in the remote parts and thus we are integrating it as the solution to this challenge.

This is an example of social enterprise efforts with junior college students working with doctors. We plan to drive the expansion of the knowledge base by building doctors and medically aspiring student network across the world.

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