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We are hiring (unpaid interns) !!!

Hey guys!

After the feedback from the Telemedicon, and school presentation, we realized we need help.

A feedback we received was how could we make the medcards ubiquitous and accelerate the timeline. Another feedback was about when we would finish with the 20 most prevalent diseases in the 20 most spoken languages.

So clearly, we need people who can help us translate the existing MEDcards into other Indian languages such as: Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, & Urdu (to name a few)

If any of these are your mother tongue, or second language, let's work together :)

We also think we can do a better job with the graphics so if anyone is interested in digital graphics, and learning on job, this is a great opportunity. We can help you make this a digital graphics project. We also are looking for someone who loves programming for website development and has some hang of html.

We want to let you know what is in for you in this. Apart from being a really good CAS project that may benefit more than 5 billion people, we see possibility for presenting in a scientific conference, internship in a hospital or medical college, or a software company in the coming summer.

BTW, we already have one person joining the team. And we are opening this not only for our school, but also nationally and internationally.

A mutually beneficial situation! So come and join as we want to build a collaborative remotely (working from home) global team. Here is the advertisement we prepared for our school newsletter.

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